A community aware of the importance of early breast cancer detection, and a world free of cancer.


Our mission is to save women's lives by promoting prevention and early detection of breast cancer through awareness, education, and provide a reachable mammographic facility to all women .


The Goals are to raise awareness among women and community about the importance of early detection of breast cancer and provide the provide a reachable diagnostic facility to all women, as early detection can save life, noting that the incidence of breast cancer in the eastern region is the highest in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

About Us

Early detection of breast cancer, screening, is the right for all women in our country. It is the responsibility of all organizations, especially the ministry of health and the education institutes, to support this mission, for a nation free of suffering and believe in social solidarity to achieve what we seek for our future, “Vision 2030”.

As I believe that research is an important part of this work, we launched “It Doesn’t Know Later” campaign in 2015 under the umbrella of University of Dammam so that I can continue with my personal mission of pushing to establish a national screening program for early detection of breast cancer for all the females who are above 40 years of age, that dream started with me since I joined the department of radiology 1986. Being the only female radiologist in the university hospital and the eastern province, I was faced with all the breast cancer patients who are mostly presented with late stage. For this dream to become true, I put an extensive amount of work for spreading the word of early detection and encourage the medical students to be part of it and share it with their families.

In 2008, I established the Breast Cancer Early Diagnosis committee as part of the Saudi Cancer Foundation (Eastern province).

May 2008, I lead the 2nd meeting for breast cancer patients. I adapted a different approach in that meeting, instead of patients sitting and listening to doctors talking, I encouraged them to share with us their experiences. That meeting was the launching point for the support group for breast cancer patients, the “Amal” or “Hope” committee in the Eastern province. 

In October 2009, "AL Sharqia Wardiah (Pink Eastern)" campaign and the first mobile mammogram owned by a charity organization in the kingdom, was launched under the patronage of HRH prince Mohammed Bin Fahad governor of the Eastern province, In 7 years, we succeeded to convince 13,000 females to undergo the mammography examination and diagnose 92 women with breast cancer. The majority were at stage 1 and 2.

With a lot of work and efforts, the number of mobile units was increased to 3. A great deal of hard work, time and effort were spent to reach this stage.

The following was carried out in the last 8 years to spread awareness about the importance of early breast cancer detection:

  • Yearly campaigns at Dammam University and the hospital of King Fahad University Hospital (the female campus has more than 28000 females, students and employees).
  • Several campaigns at malls, compounds, schools, etc. to spread cancer awareness and educate the public vis-à-vis the importance of early detection and prevention and how early detection can save life.
  • Several "2 More Minutes Saved My Life" campaigns all over the kingdom for primary health care and OB/GY physicians and other health providers to emphasis the importance of breast self-examination, clinical examination and mammography and help them to educating their patients and start including breast examination as part of their physical examination of all female patients according to their age.
  • Volunteering reading the mammograms of the “Early Detection” program. So far, I have read more than 13,000 with the CAD as a 2nd reader, in addition to more than 10000 mammograms at KFUH, Dammam University.
  • Trained young radiologists to do the 2nd reading and on the process of screening.
  • Established Breast Cancer Patients Support group in 2008, the first of its kind in the region. I encouraged the patients to break the silence and share their experience with the public and help newly diagnosed patient in their battle against breast cancer.
  • Participated in a volunteer campaign in the Maldives Republic 2010.
  • In 2015, established the hashtag “You are not Alone” for the group of breast cancer patients and survivors.
  • Prepared all the educational materials for the public with special prints for the blind, first of its kind in the region.